WinSCP for Ubuntu?

Donkey Hottie donkey at
Wed Aug 24 09:14:11 UTC 2011

23.8.2011 23:35, compdoc kirjoitti:
> For Windows, I love the SSH Secure Shell version 3.2.9 client that you can
> still find with google. It's an excellent 'free to use' gui client that
> includes an excellent gui for SCP.
> It does have one issue - it's not perfect when setting file permissions and
> doesn't handle certain permissions properly.
> However, it works reliably otherwise so I just don't use it for setting file
> permissions...

I used to use that years ago. But now PuTTY and WinSCP. They work
perfectly, even setting file permissions ;)

But I wanted to solution to Ubuntu, into which I may move from Windows


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