How to add new notebook in Tomboy Notes?

Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Aug 24 09:01:04 UTC 2011

This may seem like a silly question, but bear with me.  Using Tomboy
1.6.0 on Natty the only way I can find to add a new notebook is to
right click in the area below the list of notebooks on the Search All
Notes display.  That is ok until there are sufficient notes that the
list fills the window.  Then there is nowhere to right click and one
has to mess about making the window larger and once the window gets to
the size of the screen it becomes even more tricky.

I looked in File, expecting to be able to add a new notebook there,
but File > Notebooks does not appear to do anything.  Googling led me
to [1] which suggests that File > Notebooks has a submenu Add New
Notebook but I am not seeing this.

I searched Launchpad but did not find anything.



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