Ubuntu One – Conflicts

Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 18:08:50 UTC 2011

I have two Ubuntu machines: My main machine with Ubuntu 10.10 and
another one with Ubuntu 11.04.
I share a folder between those two machines, and every time I change a
file on the Ubuntu 11.04 machine, the same file on the Ubuntu 10.10
machine gets its name changed to something like
PreviousName.PreviousSuffix.Something.conflict (or something like
that). I can't see why there would be a conflict in the first place: I
change a file on my secondary machine, it's uploaded to Ubuntu One and
it should replace the previously uploaded file, since it's newer, then
my main machine (the Ubuntu 10.10 one) should download the newer file
and everything should be fine.

Anyway, let's say that this file naming thing is a good thing, how do
I solve the conflict? I can't see an obvious way to do that.

This is very annoying and I don't really see the point. If there
really is a conflict, at least open a bloody window in the background
that lets me handle the conflict manually when I have time to do so
(the window should not pop up and be active, because there is nothing
that is more annoying than that).

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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