Trying to Load Ubuntu 11.04 onto HP Laptop. Failed at reboot

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I have tried to load the Ubuntu 11.04 and 10.04 onto a HP laptop with a
Celeron CPU c/w 2 GB of memory and a new clean 320GB hard drive. It is only
a 32 bit machine so have used the 32 Bit programs


Machine is HP

CPU is Intel T2300  1667MHz

Cache 64/2048KB

Memory 2048KB

ROM 4/28/2006  BIOS F.06


Installation runs through normally and concludes apparently OK. The HDD has
been reformatted and using the default whole disk installation.


When we restart we only get an error from GRUB as shown below.


error: out of disk

grub rescue>



Having read through some of the posts on the subject it appears that there
may be some kind of issue with how the boot sector is loaded. Anyway I have
tried a few different things to give as much information as I can. Note I am
only new to Unix, although I did a bit of it post uni about 30 years ago.


Here are some of the things I tried and the results.


grub rescue> ls

(hd0) (hd0,msdos1)

grub rescue> ls /

./ ../ lost+found/ var/ etc/ media/ bin/ boot/ dev/ home/ lib/ mnt/ opt/
proc/ root/ sbin/ selinux/ srv/ sys/ tmp/ usr/ vmlinz initrd.img cdrom/


grub rescue> cd /boot/grub


error: out of disk

grub rescue> set



grub rescue>


Both version of ubuntu acted in almost the same way. The only difference was
that the 10.04 version reported the drive details as (hd0,1) rather than
(hd0,msdos1). I have tried loading froma CD for each and also a USB stick
for each. In the case of the USB I used the program from the ubuntu site to
generate the usb stick as bootable.


In all cases ubuntu will run from the CD or USB stick and seems to be fully


There seems to be very limtied capacity at the Grub rescue prompt as very
few commands do anything.


One thing I ntoiced was that during the installation when the program asked
for how the HDD partitions should be handled it seemed to indicate that the
HDD was a SCSI drive. It is in fact a SATA drive. I did not think much of
this but do not know if it is important or not.




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