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>> >  Folks,
>> >
>> >  I use sbackup manual backup only for backing up my systems. I need to
>> >  force a full backup to be done for one of my systems. I deleted all
>> >  backups for it on the device that stores my backups; started sbackup and
>> >  discovered that I only had and incremental backup ad a result.
>> >
>> >  How can I force a full backup to be performed? The doumentation I have
>> >  seems to be lacking that information.
>> >
>> >  Thanks,
>> >  Jay
> If I go into sbackup-config-gtk and choose run manual backup now from
> the Tools menu, it presents a confirmation popup that has a checkbox to
> make a full backup. This is using the sbackup Maverick version from a
> ppa, though. Alternatively, I think you can set the amount of days
> between full backups to 0 and it should do a full backup every time
> sbackup launches.
> Here's the ppa if you are using Maverick or earlier:
> You may also want to post your question here:
>  if the suggestions above don't
> work for you.
> -- sktsee


Setting Days Between Full Backups to 0 did not work, however, setting it to 1 did.

I am running Lucid LTS. Gotta remember to say that...


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