Is Dillo Missing From Natty's repos?

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at
Sun Aug 21 11:37:21 UTC 2011

I can't find the Dillo web-browser in Natty's repos and I need it to be
able to use one of the html plugins with the Claws-Mail email package
(my MUA of choice).

The Dillo web page gives only the source code, not the .deb binary, and
there are problems with the fltk dependency.  When compiling the source
code, a message is flagged that the FLTK dependency can't be found.

I suppose I could go back to Lucid but that's like putting the clock

I haven't been keeping up with the forum lately as I've been in
hospital, but can anyone inform me why a dependency of one of the
listed items in Natty's repos is not included in the same repos?

Dillo is a nice lightweight browser for most of my purposes (I have to
use Firefox sometimes, though) and I guess it would be the browser best
used by those with limited resources, so why can't I find it in the
repos for Natty?

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