Re: Questions like ”How can I move my windows in 11.04?” and more…

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Right click on the line of the bottom of the window or in the right and then 'resize'.
I have this problems sometimes too, my upper bar disappears.

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Subject: Re: Questions like ”How can I move my windows in 11.04?” and more…

On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 11:23:02PM +0200, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> I just upgraded my mini laptop to 11.04 (from 10.10). There are a few
> things that I need to know if I'm going to do anything useful at all:
> For example, when I open a terminal, the upper part of its window is
> hidden under the upper panel and I can't find a way to move the window
> away from it. Alt+drag doesn't work as far as I have tried. I need to
> do that, since I can't see the first row of the terminal, or I have to
> hit enter to start typing at the second or third row.
> Are all the windows supposed to be ”headless”?

No, that sounds like a bug.  Or misconfiguration of some kind.

Can you create a new user account and try logging in?  If window
decorations appear there, that means the problem is in your
configuration somewhere in your home directory.

> Neither the terminal nor Tomboy (just to mention two examples) have a
> head (where I can click to drag a window somewhere) and the close
> button is therefore missing among with the other buttons (no, it's not
> in the upper panel), so when I want to close Tomboy I need to do it
> from the menu or press Ctrl+F4.

So you have a working window manager, but no window decorations.

Do you have a process named 'unity-window-decorator' (perhaps truncated
to 'unity-window-de') running?  Can you try to change your windowing
theme in System Settings -> Appearance to, e.g. Ambiance or Radiance and
see if that helps?

Marius Gedminas
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.
- Andy Finkel, computer guy

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