Questions like ”How can I move my windows in 11.04?” and more…

Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Thu Aug 18 21:23:02 UTC 2011

I just upgraded my mini laptop to 11.04 (from 10.10). There are a few
things that I need to know if I'm going to do anything useful at all:
For example, when I open a terminal, the upper part of its window is
hidden under the upper panel and I can't find a way to move the window
away from it. Alt+drag doesn't work as far as I have tried. I need to
do that, since I can't see the first row of the terminal, or I have to
hit enter to start typing at the second or third row.

Are all the windows supposed to be ”headless”?
Neither the terminal nor Tomboy (just to mention two examples) have a
head (where I can click to drag a window somewhere) and the close
button is therefore missing among with the other buttons (no, it's not
in the upper panel), so when I want to close Tomboy I need to do it
from the menu or press Ctrl+F4.

When I have no window open at all in the current desktop, the panel
menues are File, Edit, View, Places and Help. All these are gone when
a window is active, so I need to click on the desktop to get that
menu. If the window is maximised, I can not click the desktop. Am I
missing something here? Probably…

Are there any plans for panel auto-hide?

Right now it feels like it's going to be very hard to get used to this
and I miss the cube and my 16 desktops! Yes, I know, it's probably
easy to solve and I'm going to do it soon, I'm just so frustrated
right now… :D

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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