Add-on not being compatible with latest releases of Firefox

Alan Pope alan at
Thu Aug 18 11:47:57 UTC 2011

On 18 August 2011 12:28, Basil Chupin <blchupin at> wrote:
> If it weren't for my current belief that you are not a complete deadhead, I
> would have responded to this stupid respsonse of yours in a totally
> different manner.

Delightful. I was merely pointing out that it's nobodys fault than
your own if you're running "crack of the day" that it breaks now and

> Firstly, as I mentioned, someone mentioned in this mail list that FF 8 was
> much faster than the version I installed (#7), and an improvement on version
> #6, available in Ubuntu, after which I installed Aurora #8 from the Mozilla
> site and found that it WAS was faster than FF6 and even #7 - and which I
> acknowledged in this list.

Speed comes at a price.

> You made no comment about this in this list at the time.

I (and everyone else for that matter) am under no obligation to
respond to every mail.

> But now, suddenly, you come out and decide to make an 'in depth
> observation'.

You asked a specific question, I gave an answer, sorry you don't like
the answer.

> Is my post off-topic and not relevant to those who may be using Firefox #7
> or #8, or now #9?

Your post was about running Firefox on Ubuntu. How is that offtopic?

> Secondly, what was your purpose in stating what you just stated above when
> someone here posted a totally useless piece of info about taking apart a
> mouse to get rid of some crap inside it and which had nothing remotely do
> with anything  associated with Ubuntu or Linux?

I have no idea what you're talking about. I sometimes miss mails, so
maybe I missed this interesting tid-bit of mouse control.

> And following from this, am I allowed to post another piece of information
> about Logitech keyboards and Logtitech mice which may assist their users to
> overcome a potential problem they may encounter when using them?

I'm pretty sure you know what goes and what doesn't go on this list.

Have a nice day!


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