Add-on not being compatible with latest releases of Firefox

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Thu Aug 18 06:18:28 UTC 2011

A while back, several weeks, somebody (??ANDY??) here was 'complaining' 
that he was not going to use Firefox because he was most annoyed with 
not having his (?)40+ add-ons not working when a new upgrade came along 
- or words to this effect.

For at least a couple of weeks now I have been running Firefox 8.x[1] 
and found that I lost the use of at least 4 extensions because they were 
incompatible with 8.x. Although annoyed, I didn't worry too much because 
the main security extensions were still working.

This morning, Firefox got upgraded to version 9 - and I lost a couple 
more extensions and also the theme (Nautipolis, which I have been using 
for years).

Now, this got me "stirred up" :-) , and so I went looking for a butt to 

In my quest I discovered that there is an add-on for Firefox which makes 
incompatible add-ons compatible (well, at least all of *my* 
extensions/theme now are) with the latest version of Firefox v9.x.

Where do you find it?

Try "Help>Trouble Shooting Information>Support Web Site".

[1] I have the Nightly direct from the Mozilla site installed.


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When first we practice to deceive."
     Sir Walter Scott

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