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On Sun, 14 Aug 2011 20:12:35 +0300
Tero Pesonen <mail at> didst polemicize thusly:

> But please, direct me towards
> those rules, then, because I have not seen them. They are not on the
> sign-up page, nor in the code of conduct. I am in favour of letting
> the receiver choose when nothing more specific is dictated, as was
> the case here according to my best knowledge. He let that happen and
> I said that was a good thing. 

   (trust me, the link to the rules is to be found down below)

This has long been a point of contention.  I maintain (and always have)
that, if rules are needed at all, those rules need to be stated very
clearly. One strict antique truck list to which I belong posts the list
rules daily. That might be a good idea here where the membership is

Nevertheless, the rules should be easily accessible and obvious to each
and every one.  How about having them right there on, oh, I dunno, ..
the /sign-up page/?

In fact, Mark 'SABDFL' failed to get the point during one discussion
when he sent this reply:

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Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> If we wish to hold users of the mailing list to these 'suggestions'
> then it would behoove us to include the information /that these
> guidelines even exist/ for those who wish to sign up.
It's a great suggestion that we should point to the Code of Conduct on
all the email list signup pages. James, could you put that into action,

Nevertheless, it's also perfectly reasonable that there be a code of
conduct that applies to a list. Everyone on ubuntu-users should now be
absolutely clear that this is the case, and that users who can't
exercise the appropriate judgment are not welcome on this list and
others at

I would ask everyone on these lists to help new folks find their feet,
and help set the tone for the conversations that unfold here.

---------End quoted mail---------

Obviously it isn't the Code of Conduct that needed a pointer, although
that was a good idea and was implemented.  The rules for the mailing
are what should have a link.  That, more than the CofC, would surely
forestall a lot of discussion on HTML, top posting, quoting and so on.

Heh, one could then justifiably wave the mailing list rules about like a

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