Dell WiFi key Fn+F2 breaks Intel WiFi on Natty

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Aug 14 20:59:16 UTC 2011

Charlie Zender wrote:
> On these machines if I do the standard Dell hardware keypress to
> turn WiFi off/on (Fn+F2 = blue function key + F2), then the WiFi
> does turn off but _it will not turn back on the next time_.

> Sadly, rebooting does not solve the problem.
> The WiFi is permanently disabled in Linux by pressing Fn+F2.

Check your BIOS if there is a wifi default setting. If the options are 
"disabled" and "no change", the second option should be to right one.

> Both these machines are dual-boot, and when running Windows
> the WiFi works flawlessly and the Fn+F2 key behaves as expected.

You could also try to boot Windows and then reboot after enabling wifi, 
maybe it stays enabled.


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