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Sun Aug 14 20:32:57 UTC 2011

On 08/14/2011 01:02 PM, kyan wrote:
> An entire disk. Split using the command line. I want to mount it so I
> can extract data from it. It's on a FAT file system though (so I can't
> cat it together again — it will have to be handled like a split
> archive). I don't recall exactly how I made it — it was quite a while
> ago.

So you're saying the example from the first link isn't applicable?

To restore the multi-file backup, do the following:

# cat /mnt/hdc1/backup.img.gz.* | gzip -dc | dd of=/dev/hda1

    Cat recombines contents of the compressed and split image files to
stdout, in order.
    Results are piped through gzip for decompression.
    And are then written to the first partition of the hard drive with dd.

Have to admit that I don't actually know for sure & perhaps others can

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>> Perhaps these will be helpful:
>> [see: Getting around file size limitations using split on the same page]

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