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Charlie Zender zender at
Sun Aug 14 20:11:17 UTC 2011


I have now noticed this WiFi bug in Ubuntu Natty on two
different Dell laptops, a Precision m6300 and a Precision m6500.
Both these laptops use Intel wireless cards.
On these machines if I do the standard Dell hardware keypress to
turn WiFi off/on (Fn+F2 = blue function key + F2), then the WiFi
does turn off but _it will not turn back on the next time_.
The visual indicator is that the blue LED keyboard light that
indicates WiFi activity on Dells goes dark and stays dark.
Sadly, rebooting does not solve the problem.
The WiFi is permanently disabled in Linux by pressing Fn+F2.

Both these machines are dual-boot, and when running Windows
the WiFi works flawlessly and the Fn+F2 key behaves as expected.
How do I get the Linux WiFi working again? Both machines use
the standard network manager (NM) + applet to manage wireless.
Now that WiFi is disabled the NM applet does not see the WiFi,
so this is not a matter of configuring access points etc.
The WiFi seems to be turned off in hardware.

Any help appreciated,
Charlie Zender, Department of Earth System Science
University of California, Irvine (949) 891-2429 :)

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