setting time to GMT is not working, getting BST only :(

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Aug 14 08:20:26 UTC 2011

Rajeev Prasad wrote:
> someone pointed out that may previous email went to wrong thread. so
> i am resending the issue, in a fresh email to
> ubuntu-users at as i was informed on joining the list.
> hope it reaches to audiance in correct context. thx. 

Yes, this looks good.

> I want my ubuntu server to run GMT time, it is running inside a VM
> which is running on a windowx XP box  - windows xp bnox is set to
> CST. currently it is showing BST, which is 1 hr ahead of GMT. I want
> it to show UTC time, not sure how to config it.

Try the command

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

and choose "Etc" as region, then "UTC" as time zone.


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