Google-chrome problems

Frank McCormick beacon at
Sat Aug 13 19:47:57 UTC 2011

On 11-08-13 03:21 PM, Leo Noordhuizen wrote:
> Frank and others,
> The Issues you are having with synchronising I have been having quite
> some time already, and have no clue how to solve them.
> I can get synchornise get working with *some* parts, but when I select
> all it either hangs indefinately or tells me that I couldnt get logged
> in or that the server is down.
> I have seen a number of messages about these issues.
> Some advised to deslect 'Check for server certificate revocation' in
> preferences, others mentioned that it is related to certain themes.
> I tried some of the suggestions, but more or less gave up; sadly.
> I was running the normal version of Chrome on Ubuntu 11.04, now running
> the beta version which I downloaded today.
> Good luck finding a solution, and IF you find one I would be quite happy
> to hear about it.
> Regards, Leo Noordhuizen - The Netherlands
> On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 8:47 PM, Frank McCormick <beacon at
> <mailto:beacon at>> wrote:
>     On 11-08-13 02:30 PM, glenn opdycke-hansen wrote:
>         what urls for the pages that do not load?
>         what version of chrome browser are you using?
>         On Aug 13, 2011 1:24 PM, "Frank McCormick" <beacon at
>         <mailto:beacon at>
>         <mailto:beacon at <mailto:beacon at>>> wrote:
>          >
>          > Having all sorts of problems with Google-chrome today on my
>         Maverick
>          > installation - 2 out of 3 web pages wouldn't me
>         the "it's
>          > dead Jim" I purged unstable and installed the beta
>         version
>          > which is **supposed to be more stable* - same problems, and I
>         notice now
>          > I cannot even set-up Sync- Google keeps telling me the sync
>         server is
>          > busy...never had that before.
>          > Anybody having similar problems ??? or is my installation
>         messed up ?
>          Pretty  much 2 out of 3 pages...some partly load then
>     stall..others load completely but become unresponsive.
>     I just had a thought that it might be related to the new kernel
>     which came in todays updates...but I don't think so. It's almost as
>     bad with the old kernel.
>     The Chrome version I'm running now is the Beta dl'ed from google.

        Yes, I have seen some of those messages - it **appear** there 
may be several problems at work here..including some with the Google 
sync server...but Google (as usual) is quiet on the issue.
I have cleaned out all the data the browser uses (including passwords 
and  cache) but no change. There is definitely something weird going on.


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