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Thu Aug 11 17:14:48 UTC 2011

2011/8/11 Horton <fghorton at>:
> First. Ubuntu is great, and I've enjoyed it a lot so far.
> But, I have problem trying to move from Windows.
> My hands are partially crippled. To use the keyboard as fast as I need, I
> have to swap some keys around.

If you just want to move some keys, you can just create your own
keyboard layout or change the existing one. Which keys do you have in
Have a look in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols
There are a lot of files, one for each language or country. Select
yours. In my case it would be ”se”, in your case probably one of the
Then I would do a backup of it to ”se.backup” or something like that.
Maybe ”se.old”. Then open ”se” as root (administrator) and move some
keys around.
I guess you will need some help on the way, so my first question is:
What is your country and language?

You can also do what I did: I created my own layout completely from
scratch (almost), and I made it a variant of my language, so now I can
easily switch between ”Sverige” and ”Sverige Johnny Rosenberg” by
clicking an icon in the upper panel… You need to edit three files to
do that, but I can guide you step by step if you like, but I need to
know exactly what you want to accomplish (which characters are going
to be on which keys and so on).

I have even done a small script that lets me install my keyboard
layout automatically, in case I install a new version of Ubuntu from
scratch some time. That is not very hard to do. I could guide you
through that too, I guess.

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

> On Windows I use Auto Hotkey. What is the Ubuntu equivalent?
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