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Stephen A. Bungay sbungay at
Wed Aug 10 10:20:11 UTC 2011

Well, the first problem is that it is a canon mp250 which the linux printer database says is a 'paperweight', that is to say does not work under Linux, as many Canons do not. I do not know if there will be a problem with Windows 7 not playing nice with Linux.

Rigved Rakshit <r.phate at> wrote:

>> I am trying to share a Canon MP 250 attached to a windows 7 computer.
>> I have tried ipp as well as Samba.  It appears the problem is W7 does
>> not recognize the password.  I can share files back and forth just
>> fine.
>> In ipp I entered  in host and printers/Canon (the name
>> I gave the printer on the W7 machine).
>> In Samba WORKGROUP/  I have tried using
>> HomeGroup which is the W7 configuation.  I have tried dropping the
>> :631.
>> In each instance when it asks for a user name and password, I am told
>> the password may be incorrect.
>> Any assistance would be appreciated.
>> thanks
>> gary
>> (GMT+1)
>Open up the terminal and type: sudo gedit /etc/hosts.allow
>Type in your password.
>Then add this line to the file:
>Save the file. Now try logging into your samba workgroup.
>Note: The line mentioned above says "ALL" to make it easier for you in
>future. But actually, you can replece "ALL" with a list of services, each on
>a separate line. These services can be sshd, samba, cups etc. You will have
>to read up the actual documentation on the /etc/hosts.allow file for more
>Best Regards,
>Rigved Rakshit
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