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Tero Pesonen wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-08-09 at 15:07 -0400, Dave Woyciesjes wrote:
>> Tero Pesonen wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2011-08-08 at 09:30 -0500, Larry Shields wrote:
>>>> Trying to see if KMAIL is different, I might just have to switch 
to another

>>>> ISP...
>>>> Another test...
>>> Why ISP? Why not change you email service provider instead. Using a
>>> well-ran, for-fee email service usually rids one of all sorts Gmail,
>>> Hotmail, Yahoo etc. nonsense.
>> 	Know one that does IMAP access for free? Without silly-low limits 
>> things?
> You may want to ask at If there's a good 
> IMAP service, they'll know it. Though I wonder if offering a decent 
> service that is free is even feasible.
> Of the paid services I would recommend e.g. Tuffmail for terrific IMAP
> support, fine-grain control and effective spam filtering. There are 
> others as well. Some have been mentioned in this thread and the
> aforementioned site will provide discussion on still many more.
> Tero Pesonen
	I've tried a few different free IMAP server. AIM mail was slow. Zoho
had annoying quirks (don't recall exactly what)

The other in the top 6 of this list:
had limits which I didn't agree with.
	I ended up with GMail, because I didn't want to waste any more time
screwing around. I can deal with it's quirks about hiding my list mail

	'Course, I wonder if Yahoo would be upset at me if I discovered the
settings that they use for IMAP on the iPhone, and applied those to

--- Dave Woyciesjes


I tried that after someone claimed it would work but i couldn't get it 
going. Be grateful if you'd let me know if you're successful.


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