help with recover data from software raid 1

compdoc compdoc at
Mon Aug 8 17:37:33 UTC 2011

>> If it synced the wrong way would not both drives appear empty now? Did
>> allow the sync to complete?
>No I stopped the sync process immediately once I discovered it. =
>shortly after the about /proc/mdstat output has been created.

So you have one drive that has actual data, and one that probably has
directories and some files, but is missing most of the data. You just need
to look to see which drive is holding more.

Ubuntu these days always creates UUID's whenever you prepare a drive. I'm
not sure if it creates the UUID when you create the partitions or when you
format them, but it will retain the UUID until its redone/reformatted later.

I believe madam also changes the UUID when you start using it, but I don't
use madam so maybe someone else can help you there.

Once you figure out which drive is the valid one, you can recreate the raid
if that's what you want to do. No need to worry which drive has which UUID.

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