Here we go again - Unity Web Player/linux

Jordon Bedwell jordon at
Mon Aug 8 15:48:09 UTC 2011

On 08/08/11 10:42, Jacob Mansfield wrote:
> On 8 August 2011 14:26, Cybe R. Wizard <cybe_r_wizard at 
> <mailto:cybe_r_wizard at>> wrote:
>  > Who is, "Unity?"
> Unity is a 3D game development platform that actively refuses to create a linux 
> client based on it's own naive view of things.

I have to agree with this assessment. Their excuse 4 years ago was 3D
support on Linux sucked (which was partially right back then) but their
excuse to this day is still 3D support which is their engineers sporting
their stupidity as skill.   Linux support is their most requested
feature and they still refuse to implement it.

To add: I wouldn't ever use Unity on my smartphone and I always have the
latest and greatest in Android technology.  Who would want something so
high level on a phone? Right not at least, maybe a year from now it will
be alright but for now their high-level gaming platform lags on
smartphones and you can see the skips.

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