How to Install UVC Pack?

GaryT taig at
Sun Aug 7 12:19:33 UTC 2011

Alan Pope wrote:
> On 5 August 2011 14:07, GaryT <taig at> wrote:
>> We're attempting to run it under Ubuntu 10.04.
> What apps have you tested the webcam with?
> Tried Guvcview?
> Cheers,
> Al.

Many, many thanks, Alan.
Wish I had stayed around longer than 60 secs after posting on Friday 
night and checked for replies.  :-)

I hadn't attempted to use the cam with ANY app, not even Skype, because 
the computer appeared to not know camera existed. There was hardly any 

But, after seeing your message, we started Skype, it knew the camera
existed and displayed images etc.  Magic!

Initially I had closely examined output from ps aux and lshw (about the
extent of my repertiore), found no indication and quickly concluded it
hadn't been recognised. I hadn't seen nor heard of Guvcview but later
found and installed it, again a big thank-you for that lead.

Best regards

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