How to check the status of a bug [Bug 663364]?

Steven Susbauer steven at
Sat Aug 6 06:05:42 UTC 2011

On Aug 5, 2011, at 7:52 PM, Peng Yu wrote:
> Here is the output. But I still get the gnome-terminal error "failed
> to create pipe for communicating with child process" (note that this
> is the same as Bug 663364, because somebody report this bug but then
> considered as duplicate of 663364).
> Since vte's version Natty is later than 0.26.2 and 0.27.1, I should
> expect the bug has been fixed in Natty. Why do I still see the error
> on my ubuntu system?

Because that specific bug is or was fixed. You have discovered a possibly new bug that exhibits the same behavior. This is worth nothing in bug 663364. If they are deciding to mark newer bugs as duplicates then they need to remove the fix released tag.
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