Is there such a thing as a "standard" contacts book?

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> On Sun, July 24, 2011 13:18, David Fletcher wrote:
> > Thanks for the replies, folks.
> >
> > I've taken a look at a couple of information pages and the whole thing
> > looks horribly complex and OTT for something that I would have thought
> > ought to be reasonably easy and commonplace.
> My best guess is that nobody bothers any more, when you have Google.
> Unfortunately there is no, but take a look at GCALDaemon:
> It's almost point-and-click, but you still need a server somewhere to run
> GCALDaemon. That's OK for me, I share a box in a datacenter, but it's not
> suitable for everyone.

If you have your contacts in Google and want to share them with Thunderbird
email clients you might look at Zindus (Thunderbird
plugin) as it is much easier to configure and use than gcaldaemon. Zindus is
not perfect but it works pretty well, whereas I kept running into
configuration issues trying to get gcaldaemon to work at all.
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