Lid state problem on Toshiba Satellite laptop

Colin Law clanlaw at
Tue Aug 2 07:47:53 UTC 2011

I am seeing this bug [1] on my Toshiba Satellite A100.  The
fundamental problem is that if I close the lid to suspend and then
open it to resume then the lid state does not return to open (as
reported by cat /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID/state), so that suspend only
works once.  There is a workaround in the bug with a modified DSTD
file but I don't know whether this will still be valid for Natty.
Also I am not sure what to do with the file, googling led me to [2]
which seems to suggest it needs to be incorporated into the kernel.  I
would be very grateful if someone knowledgeable in these areas could
have a quick look and give me some pointers.



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