[ubuntu-users] Connection refused

Ted Hilts ehilts at mcsnet.ca
Sun Oct 31 23:54:46 UTC 2010

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Ted Hilts wrote:
>> I have a Ubuntu Lucid machine that refuses all connections such as
>> ssh, telnet, NFS mount, etc. Anyone got any ideas. I've tried
>> everything I can think of.
> Do you have servers for ssh, telnet, NFS installed? Ubuntu doesn't come 
> with any of them by default. If you have them installed, do you also 
> have a firewall installed which blocks connections from the outside? 
> While ufw is installed by default (IIRC) it isn't enabled, so you should 
> remember if you enabled it yourself.
> And please don't repeat your mail several times within an hour if you 
> don't want to be ignored. This is an international list and it may take 
> a day until everyone has seen your question.
> Nils

Sorry for the inconvenience but I was using the Evolution mailer which 
has somehow sends the messages but does not get the emails. So I 
generated email I could not read. I will have to remove Evolution and 
reinstall (I had reinstalled over the current installation) but that did 
not work.

Thank you for your help. I was assuming Lucid came with both the clients 
and servers but it appears not to be the case as you pointed out. With 
the help I received I was able to get SSH, TELNET, and FTP connections 
to the Lucid machine but I was not able to get the "connect to a server" 
menu items working. I did not have this problem with an earlier version 
of Lucid. I notice differences between the older Lucid and the newer 
Lucid machines even though they are getting similar updates. My third 
Ubuntu machine is much older (8.04) and the updates never did work.

Thank you all for your help.

If you can find time it would be nice to get the "connect to a server" 
menu working as well as NTF.

I tried all the examples. I did have it working but it quit when I shut 
down the system and after that the command I used to set it up no longer 

Thanks -- Ted Hilts
PS. Guess I'll sent email to my wife (in the next room) so my tinkering 
with Evolution won't have such a negative outcome.

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