Sound Problem with ubuntu 10.10

Sonal Santan sonal.santan at
Sun Oct 31 06:58:36 UTC 2010

On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 9:28 AM, Jordon Bedwell <jordon at>wrote:

> On 10/30/2010 09:37 PM, Sonal Santan wrote:
> > I've pushed out a new version of the script,, which should
> fix
> > the two problems you reported. The script is at the location--
> >
> >
> I must say, I'm almost depressed at the sloppiness of the code.  Why do
> you guys insist on mixing spaces and tabs in your indentation? One of
> the other prease, one or the other.

At least someone is reading the code :-) I use emacs for source code
editing, and emacs masks the tab versus space problem, so I hardly ever
encounter it. Thanks for your feedback. I just uploaded an untabified script
to the same location.

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