Viewing pix via net - followup

rikona rikona at
Sat Oct 30 05:24:55 UTC 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010, 12:18:21 PM, rikona wrote:

r> I'd like to view folders with perhaps 100-200 photos each, located
r> on another box on the local net. My favorite viewer is geeqie, but
r> I don't see how to get it to view other than local files. Same with
r> other viewers under 'graphics'. I can list the other dirs/files on
r> the other box, using nautilus or konq, so they should be available
r> for viewing. Even the icons in nautilus or konq do not show the
r> actual pix. I can open them individually, but that is not practical
r> when viewing hundreds of pix. How can I get geeqie, preferably, to
r> see the folders/files on another box?

I got no response from this, but as I was looking for my net problems
I ran across a 'windows-like' 'map a drive' idea for linux. I finally
got that to work so I could mount a win box shared folder in
home/netmount. In konq I can see all the pix files in there, and the
dir is in home, just like any other dir, it would seem.

BUT - geeqie does NOT think there are any files in home/netmount - so
I still can't see any pix on the win box. Is there something strange
about 'mounted' files compared to 'on-disk' files, so they become
invisible to some pgms?

If you know of another runs-on-UB pgm that is convenient for looking
through hundreds of pix easily, and DOES see net files, PLEASE let me
know. I presume I'm not the first person who would like to see pix on
a remote comp...

As always, thanks...



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