Safely Remove Drive needed twice

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Sat Oct 30 03:25:48 UTC 2010

On 29/10/2010 19:48, Mark Widdicombe wrote:
>>> I don't have internet access, so I don't know.  My pyramids only show up in 'places'
>>> view; they disappear when I change the view to 'Tree'.
>> Sorry, Mark, at this point I am totally confused.
>> You can access this mail list using, presumably, an internet mail
>> client, but you don't have internet access - that is, you cannot access
>> the internet?
>> OK, no problem.
>> What my picpaste screenshot shows is that I have Nautilus configured to
>> give me Tree View (but with List View and not Icon or Compact View).
>> Perhaps this is where the difference lies?
>> BC
> My employers allow email access, but not internet.

Ah, understood!

>    Just above the left pane in Nautilus
> there is a button that allows one to choose between Tree, Places, Information,
> History, Notes and Emblems.  The pyramid symbols next to drives which allows them
> to be safely removed only appear when 'Places' mode is selected; they disappear when
> one of the other modes is selected.
> Is that what happens with you?  BTW I'm still on 10.04.

NOW I can see what is going on :-) .

I have never bothered to alter the default (as far as I know it is) 
setting of PLACES in that panel which is why I always see the Pyramid 
thingie. Why not just leave it at PLACES?

But I did play around with this now that I know about it and, yes you do 
not see the Pyramid icon.

What you see without Places is the entry for the USB device and you need 
to right-click on the entry and select UNMOUNT - but this really is not 
SAFELY REMOVE which is where my other comments (?possibly elsewhere and 
not in this thread) come in about having USB drives formatted in Linux 
and msdos. While it seems that doing an UNMOUNT in this way will work OK 
for a linux filesystem it won't work with mosdos and you will get an 
error message (that the device is busy or some such). I haven't played 
with this for any length of time so I will leave it up to you to see for 
yourself, OK?

One additional comment: if you have an external USB HD attached it will 
not appear in Nautilus until it is switched ON. If you boot with it on 
then it will appear straight away, otherwise - no.

(BTW, if you are using XP and have an external USB HD I found that even 
though you may not even switch the HD on, XP will leave it as "opened 
device" when you logout which will cause Linux not to access it; so, 
before exiting XP Safely Remove the USB drive. YMMV but this is what I 
found - and it took some time to work out what the heck was going wrong 
with linux not be able to access the drive :-) .)


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