Asus M4a785-m and ntegrated ATI Radeon HD4200 output to 15" VGA Monitor and HDMI-TV <SOLVED>

Luis Paulo luis.barbas at
Sat Oct 30 02:31:28 UTC 2010

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 05:52, Mike McMullin <mmcmullin at> wrote:
> On October 25, 2010 05:52:02 am Tony Pursell wrote:
>> On Mon, 2010-10-25 at 01:49 -0400, Mike McMullin wrote:
>> >   I've got a bud who installed 9.04 on his new system (critical details
>> >   in
>> >
>> > subject line), and would like to be able to output to both his 15"
>> > monitor and HDMI TV, the screen looks almost fine on the 15", but the
>> > full desktop is not showing, and on the HDMI-TV you see the middle of
>> > the desktop with no upper or lower bars, is there a way to fix this so
>> > that the desktop is proper size on both the monitor and the TV?  (Driver
>> > file recommendations would be appreciated as well.)
>> The problem on your TV is due to what is called 'overscan' (Google it!).
>> TV manufacturers deliberately make the picture bigger than the screen so
>> you don’t seen the edges.  There is a standard for the position on the
>> screen that can always be seen so that things like subtitles are always
>> seen.
>> I am not sure how you cope with this for your graphics. On my Acer Revo,
>> with nVidia graphics, I can use the proprietary driver which gives a
>> menu entry for my Panasonic Viera TV with an option for Overscan
>> Correction.  AFAIK there is currently no proprietary driver for ATI
>> Radeon (like I have on my desktop PC) and I don't know about any GUI for
>> adjusting the parameters of Open Source drivers. Perhaps now I have
>> identified the problem, someone else will be able to help.
>  You nailed it, he went into the  TV's config's for HDMI input and set that to
> PC based input and it worked.  ATM he is not running ATI's driver, but is
> going to look and test it out for his "card".  (If he had asked me before
> buying the hardware, I would have told him to go for the nVidia based chipset.
> :(

I'm a AMD CPU user, and now I only have ATI graphics. If a few years
ago the nVidia support for linux was much better, now both the kernel
driver and ATI catalyst driver work for me very well.

As a note, I usually use the proprietary ATI driver on my personal
computers to use openGL (like with stellarium).

All the above, AFAIK, I must say.

I also read about nVidia ahead on using the GPU to do some of the CPU
work, that seems interesting. Again, if it is, I am confident ATI will
get there too.

So, just to say that, in my opinion, there's no reason to trash ATI
nowadays regarding linux, even if you think (and you may be right)
nVidia is better. Not that you did it say it, but it may seems
As on Intel/AMD cpu, price as a word there too.

Best Regards

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