nautilus vs konq

Mark mhullrich at
Sat Oct 30 01:05:10 UTC 2010

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 5:42 PM, rikona <rikona at> wrote:
> Hello Mark,
> Konq is quite happy to make folders on, and copy files to, the same
> drive. Does nautilus need different permissions than konq?
It shouldn't, but then I've seen Nautilus do stranger things before.
If you find out why, please post it here.

>> Disk UUID perhaps.
> Is that stored on the disk, and thus stays the same, or 'made up' each
> time? Why use the UUID instead of, say, the disk label? The label
> would sure make a lot more sense to the observer...
Now you're thinking like a user - it could depend on what drinks (or
drugs) the developers were ingesting that day.

Seriously, I just upgraded one of my disk drives, which I did in
stages.  First, I connected it externally via a SATA/PATA to USB
connector so I could format it and copy data onto it without changing
the current configuration.  After the drive was partitioned and
formatted, when I plugged it in so the automounter could handle it,
each partition showed up with a [long string id] that looked like a
UUID to me.  Each partition had a label on it already because I use
them in the fstab so I don't have to remember which partition is which
(and because each one is dedicated for a specific purpose.

This seems is different in Ubuntu 10.10 than it was in CentOS 5.5,
where the partitions either showed up by their label or as just



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