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Fri Oct 29 17:09:27 UTC 2010

On 10/29/2010 05:08 AM, Bill wrote:
> After reading all the list mail on Unity and seeing several people have
> been using nothing but Linux I have to ask about resolving an issue that
> has prevented me from going to Linux full time.
> I have several servers running nothing but Ubuntu Server. My Netbook
> runs Ubuntu 10.10 but my desktop runs Win7 Ultimate with Cigwin loaded.
> My problem is I would love to get rid of Winblows and go Ubuntu full
> time  but there are three or four programs that prevent me from doing this.
> I have a small business I run out of my home (Custom built fishing
> rods). I use Quickbooks pro 2011 to run my business. I use Quicken
> Premier 2010 for my home finances. I also use Adobe premier for video
> editing and Sony Soundforge for audio editing. I have not been able to
> get any of these to work under Wine. Maybe virtual box would work
> better. I dont want to reinstall software on my main desktop to find
> out. Wondering if anyone here has been able to run any of those apps
> under Wine?
> My hardware is not an issue with an AMD X6 3.2G using 4G ram, ASUS MB,
> 300G Raptor drive and 3 1T storage drives. I use two EVGA 9800GT 1G
> cards to run two 22" and one 28" monitors.
> I have looked at some of the Linux equivalents to these programs but
> they really dont come close to what the Win versions do. Linux video
> editing is still to complicated for the higher end programs like
> Cinrella. My audio issues mainly come from getting audio to rip music
> from streaming sources. I  can use Audacity for my Vinyl to digital needs.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated on how to get these apps to run
> without blowing up on Linux would be greatly appreciated.

I've not been able to get any of the Sony Media programs to work with 
Wine or crossover.  So I keep a Virtualbox VM around just for working 
in Acid Pro, Soundforge, CD Architect, Vegas Pro, etc.
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