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Thu Oct 28 18:54:48 UTC 2010

Den 2010-10-28 20:31:18 skrev Bill Wright <pegasus at>:

> can anyone recommend a good backup app for linux?

I wrote a shell script for that, strictly designed for my own needs only,  
so I didn't use any backup applications so far. However I just bought the  
latest Linux Format issue and there was a backup application test. They  
seem to recommend one called Déjà Dup and they gave it 9 points out of 10.

This is what they tested:
Déjà Dup – 9 – ”A podium contender that offers excryption and incremental  
Fwbackups – 8 – ”It's fast and with great options and documentation.  
Highly recommended.”
Keep – 8 – ”Easy and fast. Offers compression and good documentation.”
Pybackpack – 7 – ”A lack of active development and compression options  
hold this back.”
Back In Time – 7 – ”Vary fast. If you don't care for compression, this is  
a great tool.”
LuckyBackup – 7 – ”Poor performance and too many pitfalls hold this back  
 from greatness.”
Simple Backup Suite – 6 – ”This isn't designed to be a home solution but  
it's ideal for system data.”
Backerupper – 5 – ”Not actively developed and pales in comparison to  
others here.”

All applications are free (GPL).

For more details about the test, you should probably buy Linux Format  
issue 138, I suppose…


Johnny Rosenberg

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