Is it possible to upgrade 7.04 to 10.04?

Rob Frohne kl7na.pskmail at
Thu Oct 28 15:20:49 UTC 2010

Hi Joel,

If the packages you have installed are important to you.  You can make a 
file with them in it  and use that file to install them (if they are 
still available in 10.10).

dpkg --get-selections > mypackages.txt
sudo dpkg --set-selections

are the commands you need.

One thing that works pretty well is if  you make a / partition so you 
don't have to wipe out your home directory when you replace your 
installation.  Gparted is useful if you didn't do this to begin with.

Best regards,


On 10/28/2010 07:31 AM, Juan Jovel wrote:
> I would strongly recommend you don't.  I already had problems more 
> than once when upgrading Ubuntu.  Instead, remove your current version 
> and make a fresh new install, it may save you a lot of time and grief.

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