Script / parse issue

P Echo p.echo926 at
Thu Oct 28 00:35:32 UTC 2010

Greetings all.  I am trying to write a script to extract email
addresses from several lists.  Here is the problem:

List 1 contains member names in five groups, but no email addresses.
I will manually break this list into five sublists.

List 2 has complete address information for all five groups, but it is

What I need to do is use the names in a sublist to search for the
block of text in list 2 and extract the email address.

List 1 is a listing of members and the date they will be removed from
the list "Exp'"  formatted like this:

Fname M. Last Exp. 1/2/12
Jane Smith Exp.  3/5/11
John Q Public Exp. 4/5/13
Too Many Names Jones Exp. 6/5/12

The number of fields changes depending on person, but the "last name"
is always the word before the "Exp."  But I don't know how to extract
that part.  I'm also not sure if the full name will be rendered
exactly the same in the two lists (It might be possible to just cut
the Exp to the end, but not sure.

List 2 is formatted:

Address 1
Address 2
City State zip

Not everyone has a company listed or an Address 2 or Fax.  So they can
have anywhere from 5 to 8 lines.  I had thought of extracting the name
from list 1 as $name and then doing this:  grep -A 8 $name list2 |
grep @

I have not tried it yet. I'm at my work computer (windows) and not
able to work on this for a couple of hours.  Then when I can I need
the result at 8:00 am.  <sigh>  If anyone can suggest anything, I'd be
grateful.  I'm not averse to doing my own homework, so I'd be grateful
for a RTFM, but which FM would be appreciated !


-- PE

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