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rikona rikona at
Wed Oct 27 01:29:41 UTC 2010

Hello Bill,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 8:24:12 PM, Bill wrote:

B>   On 10/20/2010 5:14 PM, rikona wrote:
>> I'm having some ongoing issues with Comcast. I'd like to be able to
>> monitor network speed/activity [just on one Ubuntu box, not the
>> entire local net] on a continuous, moment-by-moment basis, and a
>> log to remember start/stop times might be nice but not necessary.
>> Graphical, like htop, would be preferred but not essential as long
>> as it is continuous. What is the best tool to do that?
>> Thanks,
>> rikona
B> Who doesn't have p[problems with Comcast. There customer support is
B> terrible

Terrible is WAAAAY too mild a word for it...

B> especially when you have a network issue.

They just deny everything. The fact that they change my IP address as
often as three times a day, often right in the middle of a large
download, is somehow my fault and they are blameless.

B> Im a retired systems engineer and know when its them or there
B> equipment. I finally dumped them and went with ATT DSL and havnt
B> had any issues with them.

They have a total monopoly here - no other choice, and they know it.
It seems to be worse here compared to other places.

B> If you dont mind playing with snmp look up using mrtg.

I was looking at that, and it would have a steep learning curve for
me. Seems to be a popular topic for big-net monitoring, though...

B> It will give you a graph that displays allot of different info
B> depending on what you tell it to display using your servers web
B> server. It can do in and out traffic for any or all of your network
B> interfaces. You can specify how often to up date the image. You can
B> display other things like temps, disk space, amount of people
B> logged in and so on. As long as snmp can get the info you can
B> display it.

Also, as far as I have been able to determine, my router does not
support snmp.

I was looking for something simpler. My win box has a firewall status
popup that gives instantaneous speed + lots of other net info for that
box. An info display like that would be nice on the UB box too - don't
need the firewall part, though.

Thanks much for the reply.



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