Installing jdk? [RESOLVED]

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Tue Oct 26 02:53:56 UTC 2010

On 26 October 2010 04:28, A. Jorge Garcia <calcpage at> wrote:
> One question, what's the difference between installing apps via the
> Ubuntu Software Center vs. Synaptic vs. sudo aptitude install stuff?

AFAI have noticed the best way to install the sun jdk or jre was to
use the "sudo aptitude" method cause
1. On configuring the packages, the JDK / JRE requires you to accept a
DLJ license, which does not display properly on Kpackage Kit, and so
pukes a eror about not being able to finish install, or something of
those lines

Note : My experience is solely on KDE and only up-till Karmic, so I
cannot comment on the other scenarios

However with a general view, and as per my observations so far

Installing a package over the command line displays verbose output
which can be useful in knowing about what is going on, in the process,
and the output remains even after process it finishes or fails

This is not the case with GUI installers, unless they have a way to
log the background process.

I still have no idea if the GNOME counterparts are capable of this, or
if the latest releases have added this feature

Just my 2 cents on the questions

  & RU  d~_*b

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