local net not working

rikona rikona at sonic.net
Mon Oct 25 17:38:34 UTC 2010

Installed Lucid on a 2nd box on the local net. [The 1st box is OK - it
can see/access the win boxes, and vice versa.] The 2nd box can't see
others or be seen by others. The box2 inet works fine, and I can ping
either in or out to/from local boxes [all have fixed IP addresses].

I did some samba 'setup' using info on the UB site, but there are
multiple pages showing how to do it, and they are different, as are
non-UB samba setup pages. The current state on box2 has a very
different smb.conf compared to box1 [which works]. The box2 smb.conf
has all the comments stripped out and some entries that are not in
either the working smb.conf or the original installed file. And, the
'samba menu' app on box2 says it doesn't like some entries in
smb.conf. It looks like my 'setup' may have just messed up things...

Not sure how to proceed. Would it be a good idea to copy the working
smb.conf from box1 to box2 and restart samba? Or would there be a way
to just 'start over'? Or is there yet another approach that might work



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