Asus M4a785-m and ntegrated ATI Radeon HD4200 output to 15" VGA Monitor and HDMI-TV

Mike McMullin mmcmullin at
Mon Oct 25 06:08:09 UTC 2010

On October 25, 2010 01:49:09 am Mike McMullin wrote:
>   I've got a bud who installed 9.04 on his new system (critical details in
> subject line), and would like to be able to output to both his 15" monitor
> and HDMI TV, the screen looks almost fine on the 15", but the full desktop
> is not showing, and on the HDMI-TV you see the middle of the desktop with
> no upper or lower bars, is there a way to fix this so that the desktop is
> proper size on both the monitor and the TV?  (Driver file recommendations
> would be appreciated as well.)

  Is there some type of scaling possible as in Win7, where the resolution is 
teh same but the scale is larger or smaller?

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