Nvidia graphics trouble

Carsten Agger agger at modspil.dk
Fri Oct 22 09:49:21 UTC 2010

On 21-10-2010 22:38, Waleed Harbi wrote:
> *I faced this issue. I have built in VGA, I disconnect Nvidia card, then
> Ubuntu booting. Download Nvidia driver from main website, then connect
> nvidia card again, and boot the system via init 3, at the end install
> nvidia driver after that switch to level 5.
> *--------------------------
> Best Wishes,
> Waleed Harbi

I did something very similar to that: I downloaded the newest driver, 
booted in terminal mode (without X), installed the newest driver from 
the Nvidia web site, booted - and got blinks + bailout to terminal.

In the other cases, as I say, I got blank screen (no signal).

I don't understand why physically disconnecting the card would make any 


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