Installing jdk?

A. Jorge Garcia calcpage at
Fri Oct 22 00:59:39 UTC 2010

> I am only guessing here but it seems that you are trying to install
> manually rather than using the Synaptic Package Manager. Although I 
> running 32-bit system I can see the sun-java jdk sitting in Synaptic
> waiting to be installed. Why not check that all the right Sources are
> selected (System>Administration>Sources) and then let Synaptic 
install jdk?

Is Synaptic the option on the desktop under accessories: Software 
Installation Center?  I tried that too with the file not found error 

In the past, on older Debian distros, I downloaded an executable *.bin 
file directly from, extracted it in a system folder like 
/usr/bin and change the /etc/profile so it would be available to all 
users.  Can I do that in Ubuntu?  I couldn't find the profile....

A. Jorge Garcia

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