Using Ubuntu 64 bit server

Larry Alkoff labradley at
Thu Oct 21 15:47:05 UTC 2010


I now have the server working but have some questions.

1.  Using Ubuntu 64 bit server 10.04 from a cd it took 5 hours for the 
installation to finish.  I kept getting a loading files message but the 
estimated times varied wildly, sometimes reporting that it would take 1 
day and so many hours to complete.  Then another message would come up 
and say something like 15 minutes to finish.  Five hours seems overly 
long since standard desktop Ubuntu takes 1/2 hour.  When it finally 
finished /dev/sda1 only had about 1/2 gig on it even though it took a 
lot of time loading files from the web.

	I ended up loading 10.10 64bit server but then it took another 3 hours 
just deleting files from the original partition.  Maybe I should have 
just have deleted and re-established the partition.  I'm about to try 
loading the new cd and hope it won't take anothe 5 hours.

2.  How are swap files handled?  Does the server require it's own swap 
and the various program modules (ubuntu, xp etc) require their own?
Or it is possible to just create one big swap and the KVM server takes 
care of it?  I have 16 gig of ram - does that suggest I need a 16 gig 
swap partition?

3.  Next comes the creation of modules.  I think I need either virtfs or 
some similiar named program.  I've not found a step-by-step explanation 
of how modules are actually created.

I'd appreciate any help because I'm a real newbie at this virtualization 

Larry Alkoff

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