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Thu Oct 21 13:28:34 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-10-20 at 16:48 -0300, Diego Eduardo Ahumada wrote:

> Is there any 
> software integrated with Ubuntu that help to accomplish that? 


As an example, here is what I do for Home Folder and system backup:

To backup my Home Folder to an external USB drive:

rsync -av --delete --exclude=.gvfs
--exclude=/FolderIdonotCare/  /home/MyUserName/ /media/b8762505-e823-4785-b6b2-6f8300b4d0aa/home/MyUserName

To backup all system files to the same external USB drive:

sudo rsync -va --partial --delete --exclude=/media --exclude=/lost+found
--exclude=/dev --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys
--exclude=/home/* / /media/b8762505-e823-4785-b6b2-6f8300b4d0aa/

Of course, with rsync you can backup to another folder, an external disk
or over a network.

Another interesting command is 'rdiff-backup'. 

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