intermittent sound problem

Robert Holtzman holtzm at
Thu Oct 21 06:48:57 UTC 2010

I'm running fully updated 10.04.1 on a Dell Latitude D600 laptop. Sound
has worked flawlessly on this and the previous 8.04. The other day a
problem cropped up. Sound drops every few seconds to a few minutes
lasting for a few seconds to a few minutes before returning
spontaneously. Tried the previous kernel (2.6.32-24) as well as the
current one (2.6.32-25) with no change. It also occurs with vlc and
Rhythmbox, on wifi, wired to the router, and wired directly to the
modem. This would *seem* to rule out the apps, the kernel, and the
router. It does *not* occur when playing music CDs stored on the hard
drive. My desktop box doesn't exhibit the problem, only the laptop.

Running a search turned up a bug that had been filed for this, but for
the life of me I can't find it now. Subsequent searches turned up
nothing applicable and I don't see anything in the log pertaining to it.
But then I never was good at interpreting logs unless they're explicit.

Sorry for the length of this. Any pointers appreciated. 

Bob Holtzman
Key ID: 8D549279
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