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Diego Eduardo Ahumada eddie.cpp at
Thu Oct 21 02:16:26 UTC 2010

El 20/10/10 17:09, Hakan Koseoglu escribió:
> On 20 October 2010 20:48, Diego Eduardo Ahumada<eddie.cpp at>  wrote:
>> I cannot found a solution to make a system and data backup. Is there any
>> software integrated with Ubuntu that help to accomplish that? I prefer a
>> mature project that make me feel safety.
> I'm not sure how much you searched...
> My favourite tape/network/disk backup solution, even though it's a bit
> steep learning curve, much recommended:
> bacula - network backup, recovery and verification - meta-package
> bacula-client - network backup, recovery and verification - client meta-package
> (and it's client&  backend components)
> Yet an other very popular network backup solution:
> amanda-client - Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Client)
> amanda-common - Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Libs)
> amanda-server - Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (Server)
> And here's a disaster recovery suite which can create a DVD image to
> boot&  recover your server:
> mindi - creates boot/root disks based on your system
> mondo - powerful disaster recovery suite
> All of these are pretty mature.

I'd like bacula, but it's not rather too much for a single client? I'm 
looking for something that's backup my ubuntu and my data for a local 
single isolated notebook that i use to work. What i need it's make an 
initial backup and then incremental ones week after week to prevent a 
system crash and data lost. Of course, the backups are going to be saved 
on an external disk.
Give me a hint. I hope that i am expressing clear. And thanxs for your 


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