sending mail on ubuntu through sendmail

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Thu Oct 21 01:39:05 UTC 2010

On Thursday, October 21, 2010 05:35 AM, Jacob Mansfield wrote:
> 1&1 can't be worse than orange, which is who I'm stuck with (contract)
> by the way ould somebody from the outside world please test my servers
> receveing capabilitys, I would do this but I don't have access to
> gmail's server logs to see what is happening with my test message. the
> addresses are:
> sup at <mailto:sup at>
> administrator at <mailto:administrator at>
> root at <mailto:root at>
> sup at <mailto:sup at>
> administrator at
> <mailto:administrator at>
> root at <mailto:root at>
> I'll even make a nice little link for you to click: right here
> <mailto:sup at,%20administrator at,%20root at,%20sup at,%20administrator at,%20root at>

First indemnify us against all law suits arising from this and tell us 
that you give us the right to test your smtp ports for this purpose just 
in case there are any automatic log scrubbers that report to abuse lists 
and what not.


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