Problems installing on ACER travelmate 2301LM

Tom Rausner tom at
Wed Oct 20 19:58:44 UTC 2010

ons, 20 10 2010 kl. 22:46 +0300, skrev Ioannis Vranos:

> If you want to see whether the HDD (hard disk drive) is working, you may
> check:

> 1. If it shows up in the BIOS.

I've done that and no, it isn't showing

> 2. If that laptop has a CD player, download and burn GParted Live CD
> image, and boot from the CD with that laptop.

Haven't tried

> 3. During installation of Ubuntu, try manual partitioning of the HDD, to
> see if HDD shows up.

Partition don't even start...

No question about it.. it's a late disk. I've been on the net buying
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