sending mail on ubuntu through sendmail

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Wed Oct 20 15:58:38 UTC 2010

Markus Schönhaber wrote:
> 20.10.2010 17:00, Christopher Chan:
>> Markus Schönhaber wrote:
>>> 20.10.2010 16:26, Jordon Bedwell:
>>>> Postfix is trash, get a real MTA, something like EXIM4.
>>> Wow, that's a really balanced, technically well-founded statement one
>>> can base his decisions on.
>>> Not.
>> To be fair, neither did David make any technical statements but he did 
>> refrain from making broad sweeping remarks about sendmail.
> The latter is the point I consider important. I just didn't want to let
> a plain "XYZ is @#$%&!" statement go uncommented. Although, granted, it
> should be obvious that one has to make his own decisions based on his
> own criteria, and that such a statement certainly doesn't help the least
> with finding the solution that suits one best.

Good on ya! Taking on the bullies.

> OTOH, since the Ubuntu devs chose to make postfix the default MTA on
> Ubuntu, David's proposal (though lacking technical background) probably
> isn't a horribly bad one.

The devs don't have technical reasons behind their choices. Why else did 
Mono apps get included by default only to be removed later? qmail would 
have been perfect if you ask me. root will never ever receive email and 
desktops don't need to be an mx so nor running qmail-smtpd would have 
been just perfect.

>> You have your sendmail bigots, your postfix ones and those who swear by 
>> exim like Jordon here and srs. Did I leave something out? Ah well, I 
>> guess I do have to include it for good measure. That public domain, 
>> secure and uber small footprint of an MTA called qmail. All these have 
>> their spots. If you like dot-qmail, you like dot-qmail which does offer 
>> more than dot-forward. If you want a simple, verp capable outgoing mail 
>> handle, qmail fits the bill. If you want something with more features 
>> and a bit higher learning curve, there is postfix and if you are a 
>> die-hard, i'll build my features myself, there is always sendmail.
>> Never had a chance to spend time with exim so I'll let others yap about 
>> it. I'm sure this monolith, can do anything piece of software can be 
>> graded somewhere.
> And if that isn't enough, one can take a look at the "Provided by:" line
> aptitude show mail-transport-agent
> spits out. Or Google. Or...

listen to whoever that shouts loudest.

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