sending mail on ubuntu through sendmail

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Wed Oct 20 15:51:46 UTC 2010

David Fletcher wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 Oct 2010, Christopher Chan wrote:
>> To be fair, neither did David make any technical statements but he did 
>> refrain from making broad sweeping remarks about sendmail.
> In the past (a good few years ago) I tried and failed to do with sendmail what 
> I can now easily do with postfix. I don't want it to do much - just relay 
> mail out of the house and use an alias table to sort it on the way in.

That hardly needed sendmail rulesets. Where is the fun?! The pain!? Even 
qmail could handle that.

> Postfix works for me, sendmail does not work for me.


> Oh, and I didn't notice the EXIM4 fanatic posting a step by step solution to 
> the OP's problem. So his posting was of no help whatsoever to the OP.

Well, he's left his club behind so his post just marginally did not hit 
harmful levels. I've just got my club ready.

> Neither has he been any more specific about what exactly is trash about the 
> email provider which continues to give me an excellent service.

Hang on, I believe the 'email provider' of which you speak does not 
actually provide any email. Just relay privileges to get around your 
ISP's anti-spam rigs so that you can send your SPAM and a dns server or 
two. Unless they do it 24/7 with 99.999 availability, handle 200 million 
smtp transactions at a minimum daily, make sure you only get a few spams 
a week and all for free; they are trash.

You have no idea what excellent service means.

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