sending mail on ubuntu through sendmail

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Wed Oct 20 14:15:20 UTC 2010

David Fletcher wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 October 2010 02:09:25 Stephen S. Disbrow wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     how do I configure sendmail so that I can use sendmail to actually send
>> mail. my ubuntu 10.10 host's static IP is, and it's on a
>> router connected to a cable modem. I think my cable company will only allow
>> smtp mail to go through one of there servers How do I
>> configure my machine to allow programs to send mail via the sendmail deamon
>> to the outside internet world?I know I'm supposed to modify items in
>> and than do a make in /etc/mail , and restart sendmail via
>> init.d, but I'm not sure what I should be modifying
>> Steve D. (hopelessly lost.)
> Christopher says he hates sendmail. I just don't use it.

+1 but I am not above helping others torture themselves. Steve has not 
even started with sendmail rulesets yet.

> My home server operates both as an outgoing email relay and incoming SMTP 
> server i.e. I don't use POP to collect from outside, so I think it's doing 
> pretty much what you want.

Or notifications that are generated locally...which can be sent directly 
to a smtp server of course but where's the self inflicting torture in that?

> My advice would be, get rid of sendmail and use postfix instead.

+1 begrudgingly

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